End of Year - Volunteer "get together" on Monday & other

Newsletter 18 November 2019

Hello Visitor,

We have one week left of of the Edu Fun School term at DCS including our year-end functions with the kids and our volunteers.

You're all invited to join us on Monday after school at Piatto's for a volunteer get-together to celebrate the year that we've had. 

The Monday volunteers will arrive back to Piatto's between 10:30am/10:45 after school and it would be great if all our volunteers and supporters could join us for a coffee and/or bite to eat.  (As with all volunteer "get-togethers", everyone is asked to pay for what they order as all Edu Fun funds go towards the programmes that we run.)

We are hoping that all of our volunteers from all of the projects are able to join us. You're also all welcome to join in the festivities at the school as we host the Grade 2 party in the hall from 9am to 10am on Monday. 

Our last week of our Edu Fun term is jam packed with activities

Monday 11 November

  • Grade 2 Party hosted and sponsored by the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority sisters from 9am to 10am at DCS
  • Volunteer year-end get together at Piatto's from about 10:30am onwards.

Tuesday 12 November

  • Grade 3 Party for the children that we work with. The learners will all be decorating cupcakes 

Wednesday 13 November
  • Ngangifisa will be hosting the final food pantry distribution for the year at 11am. Go to Ngangifisa.com for details or chat to Meghan. 

Friday 15 November 
  • Santa Shoe-box will be delivering over 2000 gifts to DCS ensuring that every child in the school receives a gift this year. If you would like to assist with this distribution, please let Karen know. 
  • Karen can be contacted by email karensstowell@gmail.com or WhatsApp on 079 154 2166. 

Saturday 16 November

  • The AKA Sorority is hosting their 5th Annual Wine Tasting on Saturday 16 November 2019 at 7pm.  AKA are Edu Fun's greatest supporters and they do a lot for Edu Fun and DCS. Please share this invite with your friends and join us for what promises to be a great evening!
  • To buy tickets or to get more information -  call 0738481651 or Email Psitauomegachapter@gmail.com
  • Alternatively - you can buy tickets from Tracy on Monday!


Nopinki - DCS past pupil has moved into her new home and Sue visited her there a few weeks ago with many of the items that many of YOU donated!

Please see the attached update on Nopinki including a few photos of her in her new home! Thank you so much to all of you who have donated items to her!

The Multi-Purpose / Health Hub 

Weekly progress keeps being made on on the Hub and our focus will soon turn to the outside area around the Hub and Phase 2 of the project where admin offices will be built on the side of the hall. 

We are incredibly excited about our new space and look forward to hosting many training end volunteer events at the hub and having a place to store all of our equipment. We will also  


Can you help improve the area around our new hub?

As you all know, it is often difficult to locate suitable overflow areas for teaching outdoors at DCS. We
already commandeer the picnic benches under the lapa by the kitchen. As an extension to the HUB, the plan is to buy our own benches and use the triangle in front of the Hub as a potential overflow area for lessons, if
possible, but we will need the school’s approval.

We also have an opportunity to redevelop the border, which the Hub’s classroom and office windows overlook, once the area is cleared.  Does anyone have any contacts who might be willing to donate compost or topsoil? We are thinking of planting thorny shrubs and climbers along the perimeter fence (such as bougainvillea) to provide screening as well as security. It would be great if we didn’t have to use our limited funds to buy plants, so can green-fingered volunteers contribute some cuttings of drought-tolerant plants and climbers? 


Please see the attached document on the "Hub Surroundings" to read about some of the proposed ideas - offers of help will be most welcome! Please speak to Jenny or Sue H.

Teaching Programme this coming week - Year-end parties

Volunteers will meet Gillean on Monday and Jenny on Tuesday at Piatto's at 8:30am to car pool to Diepsloot.

We meet at Dainfern Valley Shopping Centre at 8:30 outside Piatto's and car pool to Diepsloot and will be back in Dainfern by 10:30/10:45


Trip to Wakkerstroom this week 


Thank you to Meghan, Gillean, Sue, Stephanie and Hans who gave up their time to join us in Wakkerstroom this week which meant we could multiply our impact and reach more children. It was great to see progress with the kids between our last visit in April and now. and to work with with local teachers and volunteers who share the vision. 

We look forward to our next visit in 2020 and hope that more of you can join us next time!

Sponsor a learner at Diepsloot Combined for 2020 - R500 per child/year 

Our focus now turns to 2020 and the 200 current Grade 1s who will be entering Grade 2 as well as those children who we will identify needing extra input as they move up to Grade 3.  

We hope to accommodate at least 300 kids in 2020. The approx 200 kids moving into Grade 2 as well as about 100 kids moving into Grade 3. We will work with children still requiring assistance with their basic reading skills as well as those with the top marks who have shown a lot of potential this year, so that we can extend them and ensure that they continue to be top performers as they navigate their way through Grade 3.

We also plan on working with some Grade 4 learners in the new year as well to provide additional support as they move from "learning to read" to "reading to learn" where not only are they expected to read and write in English but are now expected to read, extract important information and respond to questions in English across all curriculum areas.  

If you are in a position to make a donation of R500 you will be paying for all the Edu Fun activities including literacy classes for one child in Grade 2 or 3 for a year.  As you know the class sizes get bigger each year which increases our stationery and printing bill exponentially each year.

This amount covers all the stationery and worksheets for the year as well as any special excursions or gifts. All the kids receive the same benefits throughout the year, but it obviously just helps us to reduce our costs and provide more to each child when individual kids are sponsored.

When you sponsor a child we allocate a learner to you and send you a photo. We then send progress reports and updates on their progress at various stages in the year.

In order to get a South African Tax certificate please do an EFT into the Edu Fun bank account. 

You can sponsor a learner via EFT (bank details below) or you can follow this link to make a credit card payment.  Please leave an "appreciation message" as "SPONSOR A LEARNER & YOUR NAME" in the relevant section.

Bank: FNB
Branch: Randburg  
Branch Code:  254005  
Account Name:  Edu Fun  
Account Number:  62242345438

Please send us an email and let us know when you've made a payment and give us the name of the child you would like to sponsor or we will just allocate one of the children to you. Please also indicate via email if you would like a South African tax certificate.

If you pay tax in the United States or the UK, the Global Giving Platform may be of interest to you. 


On-going Campaigns - please share this information with your friends and colleagues

The Global Giving and MySchool platforms have increased our fundraising potential as these are both platforms that make it very easy for our supporters to give us money. 

As the festive seasons is on our doorstep, please consider signing up for a My School card or linking your current Woolworths card (of you haven't already) where Edu Fun is the beneficiary.  Edu Fun benefits every time you swipe your card at Woolworths and other accredited stores at no extra cost to you so just by shopping you will be helping us raise much needed funds to continue the work that we do!

Click on ether of the images below to find out more about both of these campaigns. If you have a Woolworths card, you can very easily link it to our MySchool campaign which means Woolworths will give Edu Fun money every time you swipe your card, at NO cost to you.  You can also fill out the attached form and send it to us or directly to My School. 

Please note that  Walton's is also a MySchool partner - so please keep this in mind when buying all your stationery. 



Thank you to many of you who have already linked your cards and are already swiping away with your card so that Edu Fun can benefit. 


Ngangifisa and the Food Pantry 

Ngangifisa supports 12 of the most vulnerable families in DCS. Within these 12 families there are 55 children. Most have lost one or both parents to violence, disease or have been abandoned. 

On the last Wednesday of every month we meet with the eldest child in each family. We share a meal with them, provide emotional support and give them a month’s worth of non-perishable food. Go to ngangifisa.com to learn more or contact us at ngangifisa@gmail.com. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

The final food distribution for the year will be on Wednesday 13 November at 11am. 

Baby Club

The Baby Club supports young mums, their babies and children at a  crèche that they work with that is close to DCS. The aim is to ensure that these teenage mums stay in school and finish matric despite having the additional responsibility of having to look after a child. 

To find out more about the Baby Club and to see photos of their recent party follow this link to their
Facebook page

The Top Up Project - Mending School Uniforms

This group mend school uniforms on a weekly basis after our Tuesday Buddy Reader Programme. They also provide new school shoes when funds allow. They have recently added shoe polishing to their services which will help protect the shoes for longer and also give some of the school shoes a face lift before needing to be replaced altogether! 


To see what Veronika and Karin are up to, follow them on Facebook by clicking on this link. 


Health Project - Eyesight, Dental, Nutrition checks

We provide health, eye and dental screenings to all students at the school. We meet every Tuesday at 8.00am at the Dainfern Valley Shopping Centre returning around 11.00am. It is not essential for volunteers to have medical training. During the screening, children are identified and referred to the appropriate health professional for follow-up. For more information, please contact Michaela at healthgroup@edufunsa.co.za. 

Several of the regular health group volunteers have relocated, so please consider assisting the group on Tuesdays.  All our literacy efforts have more of an impact if problems like poor eyesight, nutrition and other health issues are detected early.

Please contact Jenny on 082 322 0608 or email info@edufunsa.co.za if you have any general queries. You can also contact the relevant person mentioned above for specific projects or events.

Please see the dates to diarise at the bottom of this newsletter for the rest of this term.

Please click here and "Like" our Edu Fun Facebook page if you haven't already

You can also find us on Instagram @edufunsouthafrica  

Thank you
Jenny and The Edu Fun Team 


November 2019

  • Monday 11 November 
    • Grade 2 Year-End Graduation Party - 9am to 10am at DCS
    • Volunteer year-end get together - Piatto's from 10:30.10:45am 
  • ​Tuesday 12 November - Grade 3 Year-End Graduation Party
  • Wednesday 13 November 2019 - Food Pantry Distribution 
  • Friday 15 November - Santa Shoe Box delivery to all children.
  • Saturday 16 November - AKA Sorority fundraiser WINE TASTING
January 2020
  • Monday 20 January - Grade 2 lessons resume
  • Tuesday 21 January - Grade 1 lessons resume