Newsletter - Monday 4 February and Tuesday 5 February 2019

Newsletter 18 November 2019

Hello Visitor,

We welcome more people back to Joburg after the holidays, settling kids into school and we have a few new people expressing an interest in volunteering.

Please invite friends who may be interested in joining us on a Monday and Tuesday. We have more learners to accommodate than ever before and are in need of as many volunteers that we can possibly get to maintain the personal attention that we've been able to give the children.  As you know HUMAN resources are our biggest asset and we need more of you!

Lessons continue as usual this week. 

Teaching Programme this coming week - Monday 4 February and Tuesday 5 February 2019

Monday 4 February 2019


We have discovered that we have 40 new learners who have not yet been assessed. We are going to try and ensure that the rest of the learners are not affected by this, so our lessons will commence as usual for 4 out of 5 groups, however we will be asking as many volunteers as possible to assist with assessments. 

I have ATTACHED THE ASSESSMENT INSTRUCTIONS for those who may need a recap or haven't assessed before. You can also observe someone conducting and assessment before doing one yourself. 

Our lessons for all groups will mainly focus on the PINK LEVEL of the programme. The attached Pink Level lesson  plans will therefore be relevant to most of the lessons.

The groups will be as follows

  • The Pink group will be with Jenny and Ms Magalefa in the 2a classroom. The focus here will be on 3 sound words, but starting with the first few letters of the programe c, a, t, o and p. These learners have been assessed as the weakest in the Grade. This lesson will end early so that Jenny can assist with finalisng assessments. 
  • The Blue group will be with Gillean and Ms Mothapo in the Grade 2b classroom. The focus here will be on 3 sound words, but starting with the first few letters of the programe c, a, t, o and p.  (Claire, Karin, Angela) will be with this group
  • The Green Group will be with Sachi and Ms Mokgoba in Grade 2c. the focus here will be on 3 sound words, but starting with the first few letters of the programe c, a, t, o and p.  (Jutta and Judy will work with this group)
  • The Orange Group will be in the container classroom with Meghan (and volunteers). This lesson will end early so that Meghan can assist with finalisng assessments. 
  • The remaining learners will be in the library. Ben Masipa will supervise these learners, while Jeanne supervises the assessments that need to be conducted. Mirriam, Annika, Fannie, Michaela, Bodil and any one else who joins us on Monday will be asked to assess learners in the library.  Please see assessment instructions attached. 

PLEASE NOTE - Each child will have a sticky name tag. If there is a "P" on their name tag, this means that they need to have a portrait photograph taken. Please can volunteers look out for this and take a photo of a learner if needed. I've inserted a photo here, to give you an idea. We will just crop your photo to fit into the space on the book covers, so don't worry about the size. You can take the learner outside the class room and use the corridor wall as the backdrop. 

We meet at Dainfern Valley Shopping Centre at 9am outside Piatto's and car pool to Diepsloot and are usually back in Dainfern by 11am.

Jenny will be going straight to the school so that she an organise the groups before you all arrive. Gillean will therefore meet all of you at Piatto's to try and leave by 9:10 or 9:15 at the latest so that we can start on time at the school. 

Tuesday 5 February 2019

Volunteers work with small groups of Grade 3 learners on Tuesdays. Each volunteer is allocated to 3 or 4 learners at similar ability levels.  Regular volunteers will be assigned to the same group of learners each week. 

All groups will start on the Pink Level focusing on 3 sound words. The following techniques are followed each lesson which are elaborated on in the attached lesson plans. 

  • Word building
  • Phoneme Manipulation
  • Word Reading
  • Word Spelling

Volunteers meet at Dainfern Valley Shopping Centre at 8:30am outside Piatto's and car pool to Diepsloot and are usually back in Dainfern by 10:30am.


See details about the Food Pantry at the bottom of this newsletter. 


The Phono-Graphix Reading Method

Our English literacy lessons are based on Read for Africa's Phono-Graphix Reading and spelling method. We do run volunteer workshops from time to time and volunteers are welcome to  attend more in-depth training in the method with Read For Africa. Email for more information.

If you have not managed to attend an introductory workshop on the Phono-Graphix reading method, or would like a refresher, you can follow this YouTube link to learn more about the Phono-Graphix Reading method and about teaching reading in a South African context.

The video clip takes you through the 4 key principles behind the programme as well as discusses a few topical debates such as learning how to read in one's mother tongue versus English.


On-going Campaigns - please share this information with your friends and 

The Global Giving and MySchool platforms have increased our fundraising potential as these are both platforms that make it very easy for our supporters to give us money. 

Click on ether of the images below to find out more about both of these campaigns. If you have a Woolworths card, you can very easily link it to our MySchool campaign which means Woolworths will give Edu Fun money every time you swipe your card, at NO cost to you. 

We have bought all our stationery for this term from Walton's as they are also a My School partner - so please keep this in mind when buying all your stationery. 



Estimated Budget and Stationery needs for our 2019 Grade 2 and 3 Literacy Programme

We estimate that we will need an ambitious R171 000 to accommodate up to 380 Grade 2 and 3 learners this year. Our latest proposal and break down of estimated costs is attached.  

Our biggest expense is stationery and printing. If you have any contacts and could arrange toner/cartridges and ordinary A4 photocopy paper, we would be most grateful as this would be a huge saving. 

Many companies have their financial year ending February/March. This often means that they are looking to support charities at the start of a year as they need to use up their CSI budgets. 

If you do have any corporate contacts, it would be great if you reminded them about Edu Fun and the work that we do. Please let them know that we are BEE compliant and can issue Tax certificates. 

Please follow this link for more information or to see how you can make a donation.

Our official registration numbers etc. are available on this page as well

Please email if you would like additional information or supporting documents.   
Use our new Payfast link to make a donation at 

Ngangifisa and the Food Pantry

Ngangifisa usually distribute monthly groceries to a group of the most vulnerable families in Diepsloot on the last Wednesday of each month, however the first food distribution has been moved to Tuesday 4 February at 10am.  This will take place directly after our usual literacy lessons. 

Many of these children have lost one or both parents and in some cases come from child headed homes.

Click here to follow the Ngangifisa Facebook page.  

Baby Club

The Baby Club also had there year-end party this week. Anthea was back in town to thank her team as well as give gifts to the young mums, their babies and the children at the crèche that they work with. 

To find out more about the Baby Club and to see photos of their recent party follow this link to their Facebook page.


The Top Up Project - Mending School Uniforms

This group mend school uniforms on a weekly basis after our Tuesday Buddy Reader Programme. They also provide new school shoes when funds allow. They have recently added shoe polishing to their services which will help protect the shoes for longer and also give some of the school shoes a face lift before needing to be replaced altogether! 

To see what Veronika and Karin are up to, follow them on Facebook by clicking on this link. 


Health Project - Eyesight, Dental, Nutrition checks

Thank you to Arlene and Dominique who have taken over the leadership of the Health Group. They can be contacted on if you would like more information about the Health group and how you can get involved this year.

This group does eyesight and dental checks with the learners as well as provide nutritional and other guidance.

Please contact me on 082 322 0608 or email if you have any general queries.

You can also contact the relevant person mentioned above for specific projects or events.

Please click here and "Like" our Edu Fun Facebook page if you haven't already. 


Thank you
The Edu Fun Team