Over $6300 Raised in less than 3 weeks!

Newsletter 23 May 2019
Hello Visitor,

Our Global Giving campaign was a great success and we are excited to share that to date we have raised over $6300 through the online platform and have graduated to become a permanent Global Giving partner.

We could never have achieved this level of success without your help. With the money raised we can increase the impact we are having at the Diepsloot Combined School and provide more children there with a brighter future because of their improved literacy. 

We exceeded our audacious goal to raise $5000 through 40 donors in less than the 3 week timeframe we were given.  

Please continue to visit our Edu Fun donation page for updates and share with your friends, family members and colleagues.
Donations received since our last newsletter on June 22, 2018 include:

Amiel Romain
Amy Falk Weinberger
Anna Maria Gentile
Anne Stein
Barbara Nagler
Belinda Birch
Brett Archibald
Christine Smith
Clare and Raymond Burns - Millenium Football Club, Stranraer
David Pellinger
Debbie Griggs
Donna M Grogan
Edward Spence
Frank K Kuhr
Heidi Kisselbrack-Haner
Helen Corbishley
Jennie Eriksson
Karen Arfin
Karen Garrattley
Kellie Walton
Lars Blomgren
Lecia Imbery
Lissa Greenlee
Liza Arfin
Mallika Das
Mandy Goldstein Psychology
Marguerite Slavik
Maryanne Kaczmarkiewicz
Memuna Williams
Pamela Carroll
Richard Weinstein
Sarah Thompson
Sari Schulman
Stephen Kuhr
Tracy Swatts Whitfield

Thank you to all of you for your continued support.