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Special Edition Newsletter 23 August 2019
Hello Visitor,

Today is the Day!

Edu Fun has been provisionally accepted as a partner with Global Giving, an internationally recognized online fundraising platform. 

We have an audacious goal of raising $5000 online via Global Giving to support Edu Fun work starting today June 11 and ending June 29.

You can help by donating yourself and sharing the donation link with your American and UK based friends via social media and email.

Here is the link to our online fundraising page: 

IF we can raise $5000 via credit card donations online through Global Giving June 11-29 from at least 40 unique donors, Edu Fun will become a permanent Global Giving partner.

Donations made via global giving are tax deductible for donors in both the USA and the UK. Thanks for your help in sharing this information and for all you do to support Edu Fun! 

Please contact Liza on if you have any queries.

Thank you