Lessons resume Monday and Tuesday next week (7 and 8 May 2018)

Newsletter 19 October 2019
Hello Visitor,

Welcome back after the various holidays and breaks over the last few weeks.

Lessons resume on Monday & Tuesday and will continue as usual every week until the end of term with no interruptions.

Please note "Dates to Diarise" at the end of this newsletter. Our Saturday reading programme resumes tomorrow and our AGM takes place in 2 weeks' time on Thursday 17 May.

Volunteer Testimonials Needed for our Website

We are still in need of testimonials from volunteers past and present sharing thoughts about your experiences with Edu Fun. If you'd like to share your comments for inclusion on the website (and also possibly for additional Edu Fun materials and marketing in the future) please email to Liza at Liza@readforafrica.com as soon as possible. Please note, we may edit testimonials and we may not be able to use all that are submitted. Thanks for your help and understanding!  

Saturday School resumes this week - Saturday 5 May

Our Saturday school programme resumes tomorrow. All volunteers, spouses, kids and friends who would like to help grade 3 learners with reading are welcome. Those who wish to carpool should meet at Piatto’s in Dainfern Valley. The group will depart Dainfern Valley promptly at 8:45. If you wish to meet the group at DCS the lessons will begin at 9:00 and end at 10:15.

All Pink Level Grade 3 learners have been invited to attend in an effort to improve their literacy.  The programme will be co-led by school librarian Benedict Masipa and grade 3 teacher Ms. Mphaka and lessons will be held in the grade 3 classrooms. 

Volunteers do not need to commit to come every week and are encouraged to come as dates allow.
The dates for the rest of the term are 5 May, 12 May, 19 May, 26 May, 2 June and 9 June.

NOTE: Lessons will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. and will end at 10:15. 

All workbooks and stationery will be provided.

Assessments at Sefikeng School

Thank you to Karen, Liza, Jo, Minadia, Bronwyn and Leigh who assisted with assessments at Sefikeng School over the  last two weeks. Thank you Karen for evaluating the assessments and drawing up the class lists for this project too!

St Peter's School who work in partnership with Read For Africa and Edu Fun at DCS are also involved with Sefikeng Primary School which is on the Leeukop Prison Property off Main Road, north of Lonehill.  From Wednesday 9 May we will be working with approx. 55 Grade 2 learners from 8:30am to 9:30am every week. Please let us know if you would like to get involved and assist with the programme at all.  Email Jenny at info@edufunsa.co.za if you would like more information.  

Annual General Meeting - 17 May 2018

Edu Fun volunteers and supporters are invited to join us for our Edu Fun Annual General Meeting (AGM).  As a valued member of our Edu Fun family our volunteers and donors are an essential part of our success. If you are able to come, please email liza@readforafrica.com so that we may add you to the list that we will give to security at St. Peter's. Adults only please. 
Date: Thursday 17 May 10:00 a.m.  - noon
Location: Mvukuzane Pavilion - St. Peter's School - 105 Witkoppen Road 
We are grateful to St. Peter's School for generously donating this venue for our AGM! 
Coffee and light refreshments to be served

Sponsor a Learner (or Multiple Learners) at DCS

Thank you to Radha Khandelwal's twins (Kajal and Ajay) and their grandmother for sponsoring 3 learners at DCS. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

All of our Edu Fun volunteers display tremendous commitment and dedication to helping DCS students improve their reading, writing and spelling skills. In addition to teaching the Phono-Graphix method, volunteers and learners form bonds throughout the year not only during lessons but through social Edu Fun activities such as the zoo trip and annual Christmas party.
The hard work of Edu Fun volunteers is reaping rewards for learners. In 2017 assessment scores showed that over the course of the school year grade 3 student reading skills improved by 60% and spelling skills improved by 73%.  
Volunteers who form bonds with specific learners are welcome to select the children (by name) who they would like to sponsor. If you have friends or contacts who don't come to school with us or who live abroad who might be interested in sponsoring a child or children, we can also put together photos and bios of learners and we are happy to update donors with information about the progress of those they have sponsored at various points throughout the school year.
A donation of R500 per child will cover all costs Edu Fun incurs for stationery, books and supplies needed to teach that child throughout the year. In addition the donation will cover the costs for the sponsored children to attend the annual zoo trip, receive an Easter gift and participate in the annual Christmas party.

Please contact Liza@readforafrica.com if you would like to find out more or if you would like to contribute to this initiative.

Lessons this week


The learners should be grouped in the various classes before we arrive and we will continue with lessons as usual with the Grade 3s.


On Monday, we will

  • Hand out the books and name tags to each learner.
  • Team leaders and volunteers to greet the learners and play any ice breaker games - e.g. Simon Says, Kiddies Yoga etc. 
  • Activities will include:
    • Phono-Graphix reading and spelling activities differentiated per group. I've attached a basic lesson plan on the 4 key Phono-Graphix lessons  for the pink and blue levels of the programme (working with 3 and 4 sound words) as well as an information sheet on the method. These are the basic steps that are currently being following in the Pink, Blue and Green groups where we are revising 3 sound words such as cat, cot, bug, van etc. The Purple Group are doing the same except with 4 sound words  such as desk, plum, frog.  The Orange Group are working on slightly more advanced words where sound are represented with more than one letter such as the sh, ch, th, qu.
    • Some revision of the sounds covered last term will be done at the start of the lesson and new work will be introduced. Groups for Monday:
      • Pink Group with Jenny in Ms Mphahlele’s  class (3B)
      • Blue Group with Gillean in the Container class room
      • Green Group with Ms Mphaka in the Library
      • Purple Group with Sachi in Ms Dladla's class (3A)
      • Orange Group with Meghan in Ms Mphaka's class (3C). 
Where possible we like to encourage volunteers to work with the same group of children each week to encourage consistency and so that one can build up a rapport with specific leaners. However, there may be times where we need to re-allocate volunteers if we are short of volunteers on a particular day.

We meet at Dainfern Valley Shopping Centre at 9am outside Piatto's and car pool to Diepsloot and are usually back in Dainfern by 11am.


Volunteers will continue to work with the same small groups of children building 3 sound words.

Jenny will not be there on Tuesday, but Deepa has all the books for the volunteers in the library and container class room. Sachi and Judith will work with the large group of Grade 2 learners in the outside tuck shop area.

I've attached a basic lesson plan on the 4 key Phono-Graphix lessons for the pink and blue levels of the programme (working with 3 and 4 sound words).

We meet at Dainfern Valley Shopping Centre at 8:30am outside Piatto's and car pool to Diepsloot and are usually back in Dainfern by 10:30am.

Please continue to "Spread a Little Love" when you can on Mondays

We continue to make peanut butter sandwiches as well donate bags of apples every Monday to supplement the school's feeding programme. Please assist when you can by bringing a loaf of sandwiches and/or a bag of apples. 

Ngangifisa and the Food Pantry

The next Food Pantry distribution will be on Wednesday 30 May 2018.

Click here to see photos and to find out what Meghan and her Ngangifisa team are up to.


Baby Club

The Baby Club had a very successful fundraiser at the Barnyard Theatre last night. Thank you to everyone who supported this initiative by buying a ticket as well as donating packs of nappies.

Follow this link to the Baby Club Facebook page for an update.

The Top Up Project - Mending School Uniforms

Karin and Veronika have started  the "Top Up" Project at DCS and will mending school uniforms on a weekly basis after our Tuesday Buddy Reader Programme. They welcome volunteers from 10am to 12:30pm every Tuesday.

Karin and Veronika are appealing to our volunteer community to assist them in their preparations for Winter and have asked to keep them in mind if you have any of the following items that are used but in good condition

  • Black/blue/navy socks, stockings, thick leggings,

  • Long johns, thermo tops,

  • Long or short sleeve T-shirts to be worn under a school shirt

  • school bags

  • black shoes

  • an iron

To see what Veronika and Karin are up to, follow them on Facebook by clicking on this link.


Health Project - Meets on Tuesdays

Please email Carolien on cesalbers@gmail.com if you would like more information. This group does eyesight and dental checks with the learners as well as provide nutritional and other guidance.

Whilst having qualified doctors and dentists and other health practitioners on the team is a bonus, one does not need to be qualified to assist.

Please see our "Dates to Diarise" below.

Please contact Jenny on 082 322 0608 or reply to this email if you have any general queries. You can also contact the relevant person mentioned above for specific projects or events.

If you haven't already please "Like" our Edu Fun Facebook page at this link.

Thank you



Dates to Diarise 

Saturday Reading School - Saturday 5 May 2018

Extra Reading lessons are being offered to the Grade 3 learners in the Pink group to give additional support with their reading. The programme will run on Saturdays from 9am to 10:15am on Saturday 5, 12, 19, 26 May and 2 & 9 June 2018.

Grade 3 Teaching Programme – Monday 7 May 2018

Meet in the parking lot outside Piatto’s at Dainfern Valley Shopping Centre at 9am for a brief meeting to discuss the assessments.
Car pool to the school at 9:10am.
The lesson will run from 9:30am to about 10:45am and we should be back at Dainfern Valley Shopping Centre soon after 11am.


Grade 2 Teaching Programme - Tuesday 8 May 2018

Meet in the Parking lot outside Piatto’s at Dainfern Valley Shopping Centre at 8:30am for a brief meeting to discuss the assessments.
Car pool to the school at 8:40am.
The lesson will run from 9am to about 10:15am and we should be back at Dainfern Valley by or shortly after 10:30am.

Grade 2 Reading Programme  at Sefikeng School  -
Wednesday 9 May 2018.

Edu Fun / Read For Africa start working with St Peter's interns at Sefikeng School to teach reading to Grade 2 learners.


AGM - 17 May 2018

Our AGM is scheduled for Thursday 17 May 2018 at St Peter's School.
It will take place from 10am to 12pm.


Holiday Sports and Buddy Reader Programme - Tuesday 26 June to Thursday 28 June 2018

Edu Fun, in Partnership with Read For Africa and St Peter's School will run the annual Holiday Programme from 8:30am to 1pm daily on Tuesday 26 June, Wednesday 27 June and Thursday 28 June 2018.

Term 3 - Monday 23  July to Tuesday 18 September 2018

Lessons resume on Monday 23 July 2018 until Tuesday 18 September

International Literacy Week Celebrations
- Week starting 3 September 2018

Zoo Trip - Monday 10 September 2018

Heritage Day theme and last day of term on Monday 17 September 2018


Term 4 - Monday 15 October to Tuesday 13 November 2018

Lessons resume on Monday 15 October until Tuesday 13 November 2018

Grade 3 Year End Party - Monday 12 November 2018

Grade 2 Year End Party - Tuesday 13 November 2018