Heritage Day Fancy Dress Term 3 Lesson 8: Monday 18 September & Tuesday 19 September 2017

Newsletter 25 April 2019
Hello Visitor,

This week's newsletter includes

1)  Lesson details for Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th
     September 2017. 

    - Heritage/Fancy Dress theme on Monday - please dress up :-)

2)  Dates to Diarise as Term 3 draws to an end

3) Photos from the Zoo Trip and Thank Yous

3)  Wish List for FEP learners needing assistance


MONDAY 18 SEPTEMBER 2017 - Grade 3 Lesson

We will meet as usual at Dainfern Valley Shopping Centre outside Piatto at 9am on Monday.

Our theme this week is "FANCY DRESS"  which we are combining with the build up to Heritage Day on 24 September.

We have asked all the teachers to dress up in something traditional on Monday and would love it if the volunteers could also wear something relating to their heritage - even if it's just a hat, a flag or whatever you may have.


A few minutes of the lesson will be spent explaining what a Fancy dress party is and about Heritage Day. All volunteers will have the opportunity to share something about their country or culture with their group.  Click here to read more about Heritage Day and why we celebrate it on this day.

The Green and Purple groups will 
- continue to revise the sounds covered to date and discriminate between sounds that are confused such as the "ee" and "i".
- continue to write and edit their work

Blue Group
- continue introducing the concept that some sound pictures have more than one letter - new sound [ck] to be introduced so that children start to realise that there are several ways to show the "k" sound such as the [c] and [k] covered already.

Pink Group
- continue with 4 sound words
- the basic "Pink" level lesson plans for the 4 lessons that we cover within a lesson are attached for your perusal - especially for new volunteers which are also relevant for the Tuesday lessons.

WE CONTINUE TO "SPREAD A LITTLE LOVE" ON MONDAYS WHERE WE PROVIDE PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES AND/OR A BAG OF APPLES FOR THE KIDS AT DCS.  Click here to find out how we prepare the sandwiches if this is your first time. 

TUESDAY 19 SEPTEMBER 2017 - Grade 2 Lesson

We now meet at Piatto's at 8:30am on a Tuesday so that we're able to get to the school for a 9am start.  

We will continue to 
  • build (segment); manipulate; read  (blend) words in the Pink and/or Blue levels working with 3 and 4 sound words.


Monday 18 September and Tuesday 19 September 
- lessons as usual

NO LESSON Monday 25 September
- school closed for Heritage Day

Tuesday 26 September
- lessons as usual

Wednesday 27 September
- Food Distribution to child-headed homes
- Visit the Ngangifisa Facebook page here to find out what's happening

Friday 29 September - school closes for October Break

NO LESSON - Monday 2 October and Tuesday 3 October 2017

Monday 9 October and Tuesday 10 October - Lessons resume

Monday 13 November - Edu Fun Grade 3 Christmas Party

Tuesday 14 November - Edu Fun Grade 2 Christmas Party

Lessons Resume in the last week of January 2018



We had a great time at the Zoo this week and the Grade 3 learners really enjoyed the morning.

We seem to have missed Spring and gone straight into Summer- so at 29 degrees - it was HOT!

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers and teachers who made the day a great success and for inviting so many of your friends to assist.



Please visit our Facebook Page here to see more photos and a very cute video prepared by Jeanne  ....  click here to watch.


General Needs - FEP students
Smart phones, laptops and toiletries are items that are needed by most students. It is difficult to get second hand lap tops as they are often destroyed to protect confidential data and software. If you're able to access working lap tops where the hard drives have been removed, we will still be able to use them as buying a hard drive is cheaper than buying a new lap top.

Practical Experience / Internships required
Our FEP students who are finalising their studies are in desperate need of practical experience and need to do an internship in order to meet the requirements of their degree or diploma.

Please share the information below as well as the CVs attached if you have any contacts who might be able to facilitate an internship for the following students.

Gladwin is also an FEP student looking for an opportunity to complete an internship in Information Technology.
Specifications include: Minimum of 6 months internship in any IT related company specialising in Software Development.

See CV attached.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thank you

082 322 0608