Edu Fun Lessons Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th November 2018

Newsletter 23 August 2019

Hello Visitor,

We only have two weeks left of the Edu Fun term and still have the mammoth task of completing the assessment process with Grade 2 and Grade 3 learners at DCS.

Liza's visit to SA is coming to an end this week. She will be returning to the USA until early 2019. We would like to thank her for all the time and energy that she has put in to Edu Fun while she has been here. As you know this continues even when she is not in South Africa. We look forward to her return in the New Year. Liza will be at DCS on Monday and Tuesday. 

Please join us for coffee and/or a meal after the year end part on Monday 12 November. It would be great to have a small get together before the holidays and chat about plans for 2019. The invitation is open to all our volunteers across all the projects. We should be back at Piatto's after the Grade 3 party by 11:15/11:30am. All volunteers are also welcome to join us at DCS for the party even if you don't usually volunteer with this group. 

Thank you to Nan and Abbi for offering to stay late at school this Monday 5 November to assist us in working to complete the learner assessments. If other volunteers would like to stay longer to help you are most welcome! We aim to be at school until 12pm. With this extra time and help we feel we can complete the Grade 3 assessments on Monday and possibly even close some of the Grade 2 gaps as well. 

If you missed our assessment workshop and/or will be joining us for the first time this week, we will spend a few minutes going over these assessments when we are at DCS and anyone who has not done them before or would like a refresher is welcome to buddy up with someone else to observe before doing it on their own. 

We will be assessing learners at DCS on the following days

Monday (DCS Grade 3):

Monday 5 November 2018  meet at Piatto's at 9am

Volunteers meet at Dainfern Valley Shopping Centre at 9am outside Piatto's and car pool to Diepsloot and are usually back in Dainfern by 11am.

At least 1 car will only leave DCS at 12pm if anyone would like to assist us for a bit  longer on Monday.

Tuesdays (DCS Grade 2):
6 November 2018 meet at Piatto's at 8:30am.
As this will be the year end celebration for the learners, there won't be any assessments on this day.

If necessary we will still finalise assessments on Tuesday 13 November 2018.

Volunteers meet at Dainfern Valley Shopping Centre at 8:30am outside Piatto's and car pool to Diepsloot and are usually back in Dainfern by 10:30am.


Grade 2s

We have decided to bring the Grade 2 year-end party one week forward as several volunteers will be away the following Tuesday. 

On Tuesday 6 November we will hold a Holiday Party for the 60 grade two learners that we work with each week. At the party each child will have the opportunity to decorate his/her own cupcake. Thanks to Meghan for organising the volunteers to help and the supplies needed.

Thanks to the following volunteers for baking and donating the supplies!
Cupcakes (2 dozen each):
Meg, Priya, Abbi and Karen
Frosting (pre-done tubs):
Priya, Liza and Meg
Jenny serviettes, cups, and Juice
Karin table cloths

Grade 3s
For the Grade 3 Holiday Party on 12 November we we wish to thank Rebecca Kemp Pogir and the Hakuna Matata House for generously donating over 200 colouring books, one per child. In addition, a big thank you to the ladies of AKA for kindly providing lunch and a drink for each Grade 3 learner for the party. 
We are seeking cash donations so that we can purchase a pack of 12 pencil crayons/colour pencils for each learner to go with his/her new colouring book. This is the kind of pencil crayon set we'll be giving the learners, should you be in a position to but a few packs and bring them Piatto's on this coming Monday the 5th. 

A Grade 4 learner recently approached us and proudly informed us that she still has her colouring in book from last year, so we know that this gift gives hours of pleasure to the kids. 

Thanks in advance for your help!

Opportunity for companies to make a donation before their financial year-end. 

Many companies have their financial year finishing on 31 December. This often means that they are looking to support charities around this time as they need to use up their CSI budgets. 

If you do have any corporate contacts, it would be great if you reminded them about Edu Fun and the work that we do. Please let them know that we are BEE compliant and can issue Tax certificates. 

Please follow this link for more information or to see how you can make a donation.

Our official registration numbers etc. are available on this page.

Please email if you would like additional information or supporting documents.

Use our new Payfast link to Sponsor a Learner (or Multiple Learners) at DCS

As we still have a few expenses left to cover this year’s parties as well as stationery costs in preparation for the new term, please consider sponsoring a learner or making a donation before the end of year. 

Follow this link to see which learners you can still sponsor this year. 

A donation of R500 per child will cover all costs that Edu Fun has incurred this year for stationery, worksheets, books and supplies needed to teach that child throughout the year including the upcoming year end party. 

We have several learners who have been sponsored through this initiative via the GlobalGiving campaign. The GlobalGiving platform has made it very easy for our supporters who live abroad (or have bank accounts abroad :-) to make donations using their credit card.  You can also make a donation via GlobalGiving at this link:  

Please contact if you would like to find out more or if you would like to contribute to this initiative.

Ngangifisa and the Food Pantry

Ngangifisa usually distribute monthly groceries to a group of the most vulnerable families in Diepsloot on the last Wednesday of each month.  Many of these children have lost one or both parents and in some cases come from child headed homes.

In support of World Food Day in October, this week's groceries were sponsored by  The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.  As it was Halloween this week, Meghan chose a Halloween theme and the learners and volunteers dressed up for the occasion.  You can view the photos at the Facebook link below. 

Click here to follow the Ngangifisa Facebook page.  


Baby Club

The Baby Club meets on Fridays. To find out more about the Baby Club  follow this link to their Facebook page.

The Top Up Project - Mending School Uniforms

Karin and Veronica run the "Top Up" Project at DCS with Nopinki and Tinyiko who are past pupils. This group mend school uniforms on a weekly basis after our Tuesday Buddy Reader Programme. They welcome volunteers from 10am to 12:30pm every Tuesday. 

They have recently added a new service to their offerings .... Shoe Polishing which will help protect the shoes for longer and also give some of the school shoes a face lift before needing to be replaced altogether! 

To see what Veronika and Karin are up to, follow them on Facebook by clicking on this link.

Health Project - Meets on Tuesdays

Please contact Arlene and Dominique on if you would like more information about the Health Club and how you can get involved in the new term. This group does eyesight and dental checks with the learners as well as provide nutritional and other guidance.

Whilst having qualified doctors and dentists and other health practitioners on the team is a bonus, one does not need to be qualified to assist.

Please click here and "Like" our Edu Fun Facebook page if you haven't already. 

Contact Jenny on 082 322 0608 or email if you have any general queries. 

You can also contact the relevant person mentioned above for specific projects or events.

Thank you